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  Astrology and Taoism

   The Taoism was based by the semi-legendary wise man Laozi ("Old Master") in 6 century BC. Tao (way) - the main way of life, the eternal change of the world independent neither from a will of gods, nor from efforts of people. Therefore people shall submit to the natural course of events, their destiny - "not act" ( wu-wei), passivity. Laozi expressed the ideal in an appeal to merge to the nature and return to the past drawn by him in idyllic tones. The important place in Taoism was taken by the fortune-telling and ceremonies expelling "evil ghosts".
   The Taoism supports approach to natural, unlike Confucianism fighting against spontaneity. Taoists understand under natural embodiment of general and universal regularities of the organization and functioning of the world. Therefore the main task Taoist the practician of psychotraining and mental self-control consists in identification of the space beginning which is initially pledged in the person and in subordination of psychophysiological processes to general space laws to eliminate all obstacles for their natural and full-blooded self-manifestation and at the macroscopic level, therefore the person becomes the member of a space triad "Sky - Earth - Person" equal in every respect. Thus, for Taoism characteristic view of the similarity of the micro- and macrocosm. The person is considered as a unit, not divided into soul and body. The spiritual beginning is treated only as a "distinguished" state qi. This beginning perishes with death of a body and is dissolved in world qi, but the tao-universum is eternal, therefore, eternal maybe similar to him the person. "Great Tao" which is identified by Taoists with "true essence" of the person and in full submission to which they saw the prime target of cultural development of the personality is a limit expression of general regularity of functioning of the Universe. Finding of "a great unification" is at the same time a condition of full self-renunciation as to find unity with space whole, the person, according to Taoists, has to get rid of personal aspirations and, having found the spontaneous movement of impersonal Tao in depths of the being, to completely obey to it, to follow its objective and universal regularities. And astrology gives essential help in achievement of this purpose.


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