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  Astrology and Mithraism

   Mithraism was the last serious rival of Christianity, its role was especially important during the period preceding official fixing to Christianity of the status of the state religion of the Roman Empire. Mithras cult, most likely, got from Persia or Media through Babylon into Asia Minor, and from there into Rome. In this cult the Persian and Babylon elements connected (in Babylon, the ancient cult of Mithras incorporated astrological elements, as evidenced by the symbols of the zodiac signs and planets depicted in the shrines of Mithras; the Supreme priest of Mithras called himself "the adherent of astrology" (Studiosus astrologiae)). Mithraism not only incorporated astrological motives, but also itself strongly affected astrology and astrological symbolism. A number of researchers specifies that the image of Mithras killing with a dagger of a bull (tauromachy), probably, is connected with astrological factors - with opening of a precession of equinoxes during an era when the point of the vernal equinox was in the constellation of the Taurus. Thus, the mystery of tauromachy means the event during an era of the Aries (the II-I millennium BC) destruction of Mithras of ideals and establishments of the last era of the Taurus. This point of view on a mystery Mithraism is confirmed by the fact that communication between Mithras and the Greek hero Perseus is found, and in the sky Perseus is represented holding a dagger (sword) and is just over the Taurus.
   The priests in Mithraism were mostly magicians. Mithraism had a significant impact on the formation of the zodiac primitive astrology.


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