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  Astrology and Sabaism

   Sabaism is an ancient (pre-Islamic) religion in Mesopotamia, Arabia, Syria, and Asia Minor, distinguished by the cult of heavenly light, which goes back to Ancient Bavonian representations (see Babylon astrology, Chaldean astrology). H.Blavatsky notes that the Sabies, believing in a single, impersonal, universal Divine Principle, never mentioned Him, but worshipped solar, lunar, and planetary gods and lords, viewing stars and other celestial bodies as appropriate symbols. The name "Sabaism" came from the name of the Arabian Sabians tribe, who first originated this cult. The center of sabeism was Harran in Syria. Many mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers of the Muslim East, such as Thābit ibn Qurra, emerged from the Sabian religious community.


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